KLM Engineering Aircraft Dismantling facility

mcl_bristows_012KLM – Aircraft Dismantling Facility

Located on the aerodrome of Norwich International Airport, the preliminary phase of the project required the construction of a gated 225 linear meter access track to the facility and the installation of an independent drainage system, incorporating a full retention interceptor tank. The drainage system providing flood and environmental protection against a ten-year event rainstorm.

The principal works required the construction of a dished 1600M2 reinforced concrete paved area with perimeter fencing.  The area provides sufficient capacity for the clinical dismantling of fixed wing aircraft of up to 44M length, including the necessary equipment, storage, and welfare facilities.

Whilst ensuring the highest possible environmental standards are maintained, the completed project provides our client with a purpose built disassembly and recycling facility adjacent to the existing KLM heavy maintenance hangars at Norwich International Airport.

Subsequent to the client being happy with the civil engineering works we have been awarded a 5-year contract for the dismantling of the aircraft.

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