Shell UK Plc – Cliff Protection Scheme

Shell UK – Temporary Cliff Protection Scheme

The project required the construction of a .4Km gabion wall in stepped configuration on the beach of the Bacton Gas Terminal to provide temporary cliff protection from coastal erosion.

The construction required excavation of the beach to a defined formation level and the in-situ construction of the gabion wall comprising of a combination of gabion mattresses and cages lined with heavy-duty geotextiles. The construction required the logistical delivery of 6500 tons of locally sourced aggregates to site, transportation to the beach and placement to the gabion baskets. The rear of gabion wall was backfilled using 3500 tons of imported sands.

The challenging environmental required the project team to work during times of inclement conditions through the winter months whilst maintaining; a safe worksite for all personnel, continued management & segregation of adjacent public thoroughfare; high quality workmanship; critical construction programme, and adherence to the clients set budget.

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