Rigby Group – Norwich International Airport – Engine Testing Facility

Norwich International Airport – Engine Test Facility.

The project comprised of three phases of works to provide an engine test facility situated to the north of the aerodrome for the engine testing of fixed wing jet aircraft.

• Phase one comprised of enabling works to the existing airport infrastructure and public highway to enable suitable access for construction traffic and the delivery of steel noise suppression paneling system used to form the above ground run enclosure. The works included, the coordination of traffic management works, localised road widening, alterations to highway embankments and the erection of permanent road signage.

• Phase two comprised of the removal of redundant taxiways and the construction of concrete paving to extend the existing taxiways to provide aircraft access to the new facility.

• Phase three comprised of the excavation and construction of reinforced concrete foundations to support the main above ground run enclosure system. The works included the placement of 14018 M3 of ready mixed concrete to form the foundation base for the noise and blast wall system.

• Phase four compromised of the installation of surface water drainage system including associated oil interceptor and infiltration swale and landscaping to the area.

The works required stringent co-ordination and collaboration with Airfield Operations staff and air traffic control to ensure the safe movement of mobile plant and vehicles upon the live aerodrome.
Technical and safety challenges related to the project included; the zero tolerance positioning of the insitu flat-bottom bullnose railing; coordination with German based contractors providing the above ground run enclosure system; the identification and management of potential underground unexploded ordnance.
Early collaboration with the client enabled several value added concepts of which included the onsite crushing of the redundant taxiway for the use as sub-base materials for the new concrete paving.

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