Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm – Easement Reinstatement

Dudgeon Offshore Wind farm – Easement Reinstatement

Following the installation of the underground export cable from the new 402MW offshore wind farm, Mackinnon Construction were engaged to reinstate 37km of the open cut trench between Weybourne and Necton.

The principal work scope required the reprofiling of the open cut trench, backfilling and compaction of the trench using subsoils, and the subsequent overspread with topsoil.
An array of Mackinnon Construction heavy plant and equipment was employed on the project to provide the necessary transportation and placement of the large volumes of soils.

With the reinstatement chiefly passing through arable land, the careful placement of subsoils and conditioning of topsoils was paramount in re-establishing the terrain to high quality arable land.

The work scope also included the attentive reinstatement of 56 ditches and 159 highway verges to their previous state, enabling the local environmental habitats to re-Dudgeon Winfarm cable trench reinstatement 3

Dudgeon Winfarm cable trench reinstatement 5

Dudgeon Winfarm cable trench reinstatement 4

Dudgeon Winfarm cable trench reinstatement 2

Dudgeon Winfarm cable trench reinstatement 1establish to their former condition.

With a reinstatement surface area in excess of 1,000,000 M², collaboration and coordination with land owners and local authorities was key in ensuring a successful project.

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