Flood and Coastal Defences – Scratby

Great Yarmouth Borough Council – Scratby Coastal defence scheme

The project required the building of a 900 meter length revetment of stone and crushed concrete-filled gabions to the foreshore of the Scratby beach cliff face.  The construction required the excavation of the beach to a defined formation level and the insitu construction of the gabion revetment comprising of gabion cages lined with heavy-duty geotextiles and filled with recycled graded concrete. Typical depths of the open cut excavation exceeded 2 meters.

The main challenge for our site team was the logistical delivery of 3000 tons of recycled concrete and 3000 tons of gabion flint to the storage compound on Beach Road, Hemsby and the 1.4Km transportation of the aggregates from the compound and along the beach to the Scratby foreshore. With heavy plant being used on the popular beach, segregation and the safety of the public was paramount.

The successful partnership between Mackinnon Construction, Subsea Protection Systems and Great Yarmouth Borough Council, concluded with a project which was delivered both on time and within the set budgets.

The new revetment should provide a 35-year period of protection from localised coastal erosion to protect the homes of local residents.


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